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Nanlite Expands PavoSlim Series

The PavoSlim 240C, 240B and 60CL are now available.

ASC Staff

Nanlite has expanded its PavoSlim series with the PavoSlim 240C, 240B and 60CL.

The PavoSlim 240C and 240B are 1.3"-thick 2'x2' LED panel lights. The 240C features RGBWW color capabilities, and the 240B is bi-color. They are slightly thicker than their PavoSlim 120C and 120B counterparts to accommodate the hinged design.

The 240B delivers 22990 lux, 2135.8 fc at 3'4" (light only, 5600K) and the 240C delivers 24970 lux, 2319.7 fc at 3'4" (light only, 5600K). Both have a rated power input of 260 watts.

The PavoSlim 60CL is a .73"-thick RGBWW LED panel light that adds a new shape to the lineup, measuring 2'x6". It has a maximum output of 7094 lux, 659 fc at 3'4" (light only, 5600K).

The Nanlite PavoSlim 240C lists for $1,550; the 240B lists for $1,150; and the 60CL lists for $599.

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