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OptiTrack Unveils 3 Motion-Capture Cameras, Motive 3.1

PrimeX 120, PrimeX 120W and SlimX 120 cameras are available for pre-order. Motive 3.1 Beta 1 is available now, with the final production release set for early 2024.

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OptiTrack has announced the PrimeX 120, PrimeX 120W and SlimX 120 motion-capture cameras.

Offering higher resolution and increased field of view, the cameras enable larger tracking areas for a wider variety of simulation scenarios and larger cinematic virtual-production studios.

“OptiTrack has built more than 30,000 3D motion-tracking systems, and these new cameras open the door to larger venues where we can track more markers that are closer together, and farther away, than we’ve ever tracked before,” says OptiTrack Executive Vice-President Stephanie Hines.

All three cameras feature 12-megapixel resolution. The PrimeX 120 features a standard 24mm lens; the PrimeX 120W comes with an 18mm lens; and the SlimX 120 is available with a 24mm or 18mm lens.

The cameras’ lenses are designed with low-distortion “fast glass” for optimal marker tracking and true 10-bit grayscale depth, which reduces quantization noise and improves precision.

Both PrimeX cameras track active markers, the benchmark for low-latency virtual-reality tracking, ground-truth systems for augmented reality, and high-subject-count robotics. They identify and track passive markers, or retroreflective markers, including spheres, hemispheres and flat reflective discs.

The SlimX 120 is capable of tracking active markers and is a smaller option for applications that require the camera to be more discreet.

The cameras are designed and manufactured at OptiTrack’s headquarters in Corvallis, Ore. Systems can pair any of the three cameras with any other PrimeXor Prime Color camera to create the optimal configuration for any use case.

The PrimeX 120 lists for $10,999; the PrimeX 120W lists for $11,499; and the SlimX 120 lists for $7,999. All three cameras are available for pre-order now.

OptiTrack has also unveiled Motive 3.1 motion-capture software, which offers new user interfaces, better asset-creation tools and improvements in 3D viewing and graphing. Motive 3.1 is compatible with all OptiTrack motion-capture cameras — including the PrimeX and SlimX models — as well as the Cinepuck video-camera tracking tool.

Combined, OptiTrack cameras and Motive software enable users to see and analyze tracking data to inform everything from robotics and movement sciences to videogame animation, cinematic virtual production and location-based virtual reality.

Motive 3.1 Beta 1 is available now, with the final production release set for Q1 2024.

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