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Pelican 1507 Air Case Line Addition

Lightweight, customizable carrying solution offers several cushion options.

David Alexander Willis

A new lightweight customizable carrying solution with several cushion options for full cam setups and more.

Not available in their Protector or Storm lines, a size of case has been introduced to the Air Case family by Pelican. The 1507 Air Case expands not just the size, but also available sizes to in the Air Case line to a total of 10. 

Using HPX-resin mold with honeycomb structural elements, the “Air Case” nomenclature refers to a potential of 40-percent in weight-reduction over similar polymer products. Aside from high-density foam and no foam options, there are two other configurations. (High-density foam solutions can also be customized to drones and other sizes at 

The Pelican 1507 Air Case with Pick N Pluck foam that can be cut to needs.

The more traditional Pick N Pluck foam is an option with manually customizable, cubed foam for internal cushioning. Their TrekPak version houses a completely new divider system with rigid, customizable panels and locking pins. 

Pelican Padded Dividers have been redesigned with fully-sewn tub, felt exterior and bright yellow interior to find stowed equipment against a high-visibility background.

Pelican 1507 Air Case with TrekPak dividers.

The design for each of the four iterations incorporates watertight O-ring gasketing, stainless-steel hasp protection, double-throw latches, and automatic purge valve to balance air pressure after a flight. Subjected to drop, submersion, and high and low temperature performance tests, they say, “It wouldn't be a Pelican case if you couldn't sink it, drop it, or kick it.”

In addition to 28 lbs (12.7 kg) steel dart impacted on all sides from one-meter, the cases have been drop-tested on concrete from 6' on all sides and corners. They are also dunked for 20 minutes at a depth of 1m.

In August of 2017, they released three new larger crate-sized models to the line, the Pelican Air Cases 1557, 1607 and 1637. At an available 13" of depth, the cases will are built to fit drone systems and cinema-grade cameras. 

The 1557, 1607 and 1637 Pelican Air "deep" cases.

Joining these three other models as the smallest of the "deeper case" Air Case segment, the Pelican 1507 Air Case has interior dimensions of 15.15" x 11.38" x 8.52". Beginning at $177, the Pelican 1507 Air Case comes in black, orange, silver and yellow. The handles are over-molded in rubber for carrying comfort. A removable polycarbonate card holder can be placed on the side or front. 

The Pelican Air Case line of nine cases — The new Air Case 1507 expands the family to ten available models.

The Pelican Air Case line itself was started in mid-2016. Available with the same cushioning configurations, the Pelican 1535 Air Carry-On Case is a model specifically sized for the maximum allowed capacity for onboard flights. 

Alongside products as versatile as coolers, headlamps, and tactical flashlights, the company makes protective and transport cases for everything from smartphones to iPads to cameras and lighting systems. 

Operating in 19 countries since 1976, Pelican Products, Inc. makes high-performance protective case solutions and portable and area location lighting for the entertainment, industrial, military, fire safety and law enformcement markets.

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