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Profoto Introduces Pro-D3

The industrial-grade monolight is available in 750- and 1,250-watt versions.

ASC Staff

Profoto has introduced the Pro-D3 industrial-grade monolight.

Developed to address global content-production needs, the Pro-D3 is available in 750-watt and 1,250-watt versions. It offers an 11 f-stop flash-power adjustment range, 0.1 f-stop precision and three flash modes: Eco mode (default), in which flash parameters are optimized for color consistency and equipment longevity; Boost mode, which adds extra power; and Freeze mode, which delivers the shortest flash duration.

The solution features an LED modeling light that shines brighter than a 400-watt halogen lamp with only 15 percent of the power consumption. It has a fixed daylight-balanced color temperature and light spread like the flash.

The Profoto Pro-D3 750 lists for $2,995, and the Pro-D3 1250 lists for $3,995.

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