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Quasar Science Introduces Ossium Ladder

The flexible tube-light rigging solution was designed in collaboration with G-Force Grips.

ASC Staff

Quasar Science has introduced the Ossium Ladder, a flexible tube-light rigging solution.

Designed in collaboration with G-Force Grips, the solution brings volume lighting to creators working in any space. It can be hung from any overhead fixing point and enables rapid rigging of up to 16 2', 4' or 8' Rainbow tube lights into an adjustable volume via the built-in NATO rail.

Users can control up to 768 addressable pixels with connected Rainbow fixtures, achieving creative lighting setups even in small spaces. This allows virtual-production setups to build a dynamic wall of light to complement LED volumes for immersive image-based lighting without additional LED-wall investment.

The Ossium Ladder has a maximum weight capacity of 330 pounds. Optional T12 clamps are available to allow other tube lights, such as Crossfade X, to be connected.

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