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Rosco Introduces DMG Dash

Scheduled for release this spring, the pocket-sized LED fixture presents Rosco’s Mix technology in a handheld form factor.

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Scheduled for release this spring, the pocket-sized LED fixture presents Rosco's Mix technology in a handheld form factor.

Rosco Laboratories has introduced the DMG Dash, a fully accessorized, broad-color-spectrum LED fixture that presents Mix technology in a handheld (5" x 3.1 "x 1.1") form factor.

Featuring the same six-chip LED set found in all of Rosco’s Mix lights, the DMG Dash can create more than 130 True Rosco Color gel matches and light output with high 95+ CRI and 90+ TLCI values.

Each kit ships with a set of magnetized beam-shaping accessories, including flat diffuser panel, dome diffuser, eggcrate and a gel holder for additional Rosco gel or diffusion. Also included are a light-stand mount, a magnet mount and a carrying case.

A Boost Mode feature allows for 380 Lux at 3'4". Rated for use in all weather conditions, the DMG Dash can be controlled via onboard menu options and preset dial or via Bluetooth using the MyMix app. Modes include Gel, White, Color, Effects and Source Match.

The optional DMG Dot accessory, a silicone half-globe diffuser that envelops the DMG Dash to create a round light, is ideal for an eye light, for adding a dash of color into a tabletop spot or for use as an on-screen practical.

“Filmmakers have needed a high-quality light with precise color rendering in a portable and highly durable form factor, and the DMG Dash meets this need,” says Mark Engel, Rosco CEO. “It also makes high-end Mix technology even more accessible to a broad range of image-capture professionals.” 

Scheduled for delivery this spring, the DMG Dash will be available in two configurations: a Pocket Kit ($279), which includes case, USB-C cable, flat diffuser, dome diffuser, eggcrate, light stand and magnet mounts and gel holder; and a Quad Kit ($1,250), which includes four Pocket Kits, case and a Link accessory to configure and mount the four lights together.

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