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Sachtler Offers Ace XL Tripod In Aluminum

New affordable aluminum additions to company’s line of fluid-head tripods.

David Alexander Willis

The Sachtler ACE XL GS AL (accessories seen below).

Sachtler’s Ace XL family of 75mm fluid-head tripods just got a bit cheaper with the addition of two aluminum models. While housing most of the same features, the new Sachtler Ace XL GS AL and the Sachtler Ace XL MS AL tripods are offered as a lower-cost alternative to the more lightweight, but also more expensive, Ace XL tripod legs with carbon-fiber construction. (See earlier report here.)

"Camera operators would be hard pressed to find a more cost-effective professional tripod system that can support an 8-kilogram payload," said Tobias Keuthen, director of global product marketing management for Vitec Group, via press release. "Not only are our new ACE XL GS AL and ACE XL MS AL among the lightest-weight tripod systems on the market, but they offer everything that's made Sachtler the industry standard for professional lightweight camera supports — completely jerk-free camera movements and maximum stability."

The Sachtler Ace XL MS AL.

Each of the two models have 75mm fluid heads with eight steps of counterbalance. The Ace XL line also has synchronized actuated drag (SA drag) to smooth pans and tilts. Tilt range is +90 degrees to -75 degrees. At 4.1”, the camera plate has a long sliding range for faster camera setup. At 9.9 lbs and 9 lbs, respectively, the aluminum Ace XL MS AL and Ace XL GS AL weigh slightly more than the carbon-fiber models, but cost roughly $300 less with a retail price of $850.

With broad operating temperature range, from -30°C/-22°F to 60°C/140°F, each comes with padded carrying bag and rubber feet. The Sachtler ACE XL GS AL provides travel of 22 to 68 inches. The ACE XL MS AL with mid-level spreader ranges from 31 to 67 inches. The Sachtler Ace XL just expanded the Ace L tripods this last June by extending weight capacity an extra 4.4 lbs. The ACE XL GS AL (as in “ground spreader”) and ACE XL MS AL (with mid-level spreader) will hold up to 17.6 lbs, safely carrying cameras like the Blackmagic Design URSA Mini Pro, Canon EOS C200 or C300 Mark II, Panasonic LUMIX GH5 or Sony's PXW-FS7.

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