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Sekonic Enhances Metering Capabilities

Boasts a 2.7" color dot-matrix touch screen and a host of sophisticated features.

ASC Staff

Sekonic Corp., designers and engineers of professional photographic and filmmaking light meters, has introduced the SpeedMaster L-858D, which boasts a 2.7" color dot-matrix touch screen and a host of sophisticated features.

Sekonic has combined more than 60 years of experience in the image-making world with cutting-edge technology to create the SpeedMaster L-858D, which has undergone a significant design change. The L-858D now offers flash-duration measurement, providing critical flash data needed to calculate proper ambient-flash exposure. As its name implies, the SpeedMaster L-858D also has the capability to measure the brief flash bursts of High Speed Sync (HSS) for precision flash exposure control, making it an essential tool for photographers utilizing this technology.

The L-858D builds off the popular L-478D series’ features and function sets. Filmmakers and landscape photographers will appreciate the L-858D’s increased sensitivity for both incident and reflected-spot measurements, giving them the ability to obtain extremely low-light-level readings. The L-858D also offers optional wireless triggering modules for Elinchrom and Phottix in addition to PocketWizard radio triggering devices, giving photographers utilizing strobes more control over their workflow.

Other key features of the SpeedMaster L-858D include an extended ISO range from ISO 3 to ISO 13,107,200 + ISO 850; expanded shutter-speed range from 30 minutes to 1/16,000 of a second for flash light, and from 30 minutes to 1/64,000 of a second for ambient light; Full HD Cine and CINE modes, allowing measurements for 1-1,000 fps and 1-358-degree shutter angles; and connectivity with Mac/PC DTS software for firmware upgrades, custom settings and exposure profiling.

“The Sekonic SpeedMaster L-858D is a perfect example of a great brand being responsive to its fans and responding to how popular high-speed sync is,” enthuses Jan Lederman, president of MAC Group, the U.S. distributor for Sekonic. “The Sekonic engineers have developed an incredible tool that combines flash-duration measurement, an intuitive touch-screen interface, and many other advances to address the needs of the most demanding photographers and filmmakers.” 

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