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Simmod Lens Releases 2 Solutions

The CineStop accessory and M42-LPL Conversion Mount are now available.

ASC Staff

Simmod Lens has released the CineStop accessory and the M42-LPL Conversion Mount.

CineStops are end-stoppers that can be installed onto Simple Fit Focus Gears in a few easy steps. Crafted from hard plastic for durability and reliability, CineStops restrict the motion of the focusing ring before it causes damage to the lens mechanism.

CineStops are included for free with every purchase of a new Simmod Simple Fit lens gear. They list for $5 per pair.

The all-brass Simmod M42-LPL conversion system adapts nearly all M42 screw-mount lenses onto the modern LPL cinema-mount standard. For Pentax Takumar SMC M42 lenses, the system has the added benefit of the ProLock system to prevent the lens from unscrewing in use. (This feature only works with original Pentax SMC Takumar lenses with a locking pin, not with older Pentax Takumars or M42 lenses from other brands.) To hold the lens in place, a submount is fitted with a rear locking tab that fits over the Pentax lens’ pin. This is then secured with screws and fitted to the LPL mount part, which has more screws for security. Once installed, the Simmod M42-LPL conversion system provides a robust connection between lens and camera body or Simmod LPL lens adapter.

Fitting the Simmod M42-LPL Conversion Mount can be performed by anyone competent in DIY lens modification. The system comes with a set of shims to guarantee infinity focus is achieved. Like any other high-end cinema lens, a Pentax lens with Simmod M42-LPL conversion will require calibration for optimal performance.

The Simmod M42-LPL Conversion Mount lists for $189.

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