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SmallHD Introduces Two 4K Monitor Lines

Small4K monitors will be available in 13", 17" and 24".

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Small4K monitors will be available in 13", 17" and 24".

SmallHD has introduced two new 4K monitor lines, the Small4K HDR Vision Series and the Small4K Cine Series. Both lines will be available in three sizes: 13", 17" and 24".

Small4K monitors are built around state-of-the-art 4K panels. Vision and Cine series monitors are all housed in milled-aluminum chassis and outfitted with an array of power and video interfaces, including four separate 12G-SDI inputs with loop-out. 

“For years, content creators have been shooting in 4K HDR, grading in 4K HDR and watching 4K HDR at home on their televisions,” says Greg Smokler, head of Cine Products for Creative Solutions. “We believe the Small4K Cine and Vision series will allow filmmakers to finally start monitoring in 4K and HDR on their sets.”

The Small4K Vision Series features everything available on the Cine Series but raises the bar even higher. Vision Series monitors are reference grade and feature a 1,000-nit display with a 1,000,000:1 contrast ratio; this capability is made possible by a custom-designed full-array backlight with over 2,000 zones. Vision Series monitors cover 114 percent of the DCI-P3 color space, can be fully calibrated and offer advanced exposure tools for accurate control of HDR cinematography. 

The Small4K Cine Series expands on the Cine Series lineup that began with the SmallHD Cine7 on-board monitor. Cine Series monitors feature an assortment of power, video and data communication ports and offer rich color and sharp detail. The Small4K Cine Series features a revamped release of SmallHD’s OS3 operating system, building on SmallHD’s intuitive user interface with curated exposure tools and workflows for production functionality. 

Small4K monitors will begin shipping early next year.

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