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Sony Launches Airpeak S1 Battery Station

The company has also updated software for the drone and is developing other accessories that will be released later this year.

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Sony Electronics, Inc., has released a new Battery Station for the Airpeak S1 drone and is developing other accessories for the device. A new battery pack to help with longer flight time and Real-time Kinematic kit with base station will be available later this year.

“The new Airpeak Battery Station provides customers with fast and efficient charging to reduce downtime and help keep Airpeak flying all day,” says Yang Chang, vice president of Imaging Solutions, Sony Electronics, Inc. “This release and our forthcoming new accessories demonstrate our commitment to enhancing the system for aerial photographers and cinematographers, as well as expanding the system’s capabilities for industrial applications.”

The new Battery Station (LBN-H1) provides storage and transportation of up to 10 Airpeak S1 battery packs (LBP-HS1), while providing intelligent and fast charging for eight battery packs (charging four at a time) and discharging up to eight batteries simultaneously for transporting or extended storage.

The Battery Station includes built-in charging cables for two remote controllers and is equipped with three standard auxiliary-power-outlet accessory sockets that can support a variety of accessories, including 12-volt outlets that can charge mobile devices, cameras and other USB accessories. The accessory socket cap can also be used as a stopper to prevent the lid from accidentally shutting due to wind or other factors.

The pack includes two charging modes: Quick mode, which will charge up to four LBP-HS1 battery packs from 20-90 percent in approximately 30 minutes, and Full mode, which will charge up to four LBP-HS1 battery packs from about 0-100 percent in approximately 55 minutes or from about 20-100 percent in approximately 50 minutes. A built-in fan automatically cools the batteries.

Up to eight battery packs can be discharged simultaneously whether the battery-station power is on or off. 50 Percent Mode can be used for long-term storage and will take approximately 17 hours to discharge from about 100-50 percent. 25 Percent Mode for air transportation will take approximately 27 hours to discharge from about 100-25 percent.

The Battery Station comes in a sturdy travel case with wheels and an extendable handle. It is approximately 21 7/8" × 16¾" × 10¼" (including projecting parts) and weighs approximately 33½ pounds (excluding battery pack, power cord, etc.). It is also certified UL62368-1.

The Battery Station lists for $2.899.99.

Pricing and availability for the forthcoming battery pack and RTK kit will be set at a future date.

Sony also recently released updated software for the Airpeak S1 (v1.2.0) and the Airpeak Flight app (v1.4.0). These updates provide a pre-flight check screen display, shutter sound notifications and zoom-lens control. In addition, Mission Flight now offers support for a variety of use cases such as industrial applications for mapping or modeling.

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