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Sony Updates Airpeak S1

The update expands camera and iPad/iPhone compatibility and introduces Enhanced Mapping Mission, Automatic Return to Home and Direct Repeat Flight.

ASC Staff

Sony Electronics Inc. has released a free firmware update for the Airpeak S1.

The update introduces Enhanced Mapping Mission, which streamlines the surveying workflow by enabling automatic flight for mapping missions through the Airpeak Flight mobile app. Utilizing the RTK kit RTK-1 and Gimbal GBL-PX1, this feature facilitates the efficient creation of 2D ortho maps, 3D models and point clouds, with mission planning possible both manually and via KML-format imports. The update simplifies the addition of high-precision positioning data to captured images. This data, recorded on an SD card in the RTK interface unit, can be easily linked with corresponding images from the same mission using Airpeak Flight, with images organized into separate folders per flight for streamlined file management and project execution. ​

The update also introduces Automatic Return to Home, which is designed to automatically activate and guide the aircraft back to its home point in situations such as low battery or signal loss. It intelligently calculates and navigates bypass routes to avoid restricted airspace or obstacles along the return path. Users can choose between Basic and Advanced modes for the RTH feature; Basic mode enables the aircraft to avoid obstacles in an upward direction, and Advanced mode offers additional capability to evade obstacles horizontally.

The new Direct Repeat Flight feature advances flight-path replication, enabling users to accurately recreate a previously flown path, including specific gimbal and camera moves. Moreover, this mode extends its capabilities to the recreation of precise shooting timings for still images and movies, enhancing the consistency and quality of aerial photography.

The update also expands camera compatibility and iPad/iPhone compatibility.

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