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Sony Updates Mocopi

The Mocopi app for PC and a Maya plugin are among the new features.

ASC Staff

Sony Electronics has announced several updates to the Mocopi motion-capture device, including the introduction of the Mocopi app for PC and a Mocopi plugin for Maya software.

The Mocopi app for PC mirrors the features available on the Mocopi mobile app, integrating advanced motion-data generation, recording and transmission capabilities directly into the PC workflow. The app supports full-body motion capture, utilizing Mocopi sensors to provide ready-to-use motion data, and integrates with popular 3D software and VR applications such as VRChat and 3DCG.

The Mocopi app for PC can be downloaded from the Microsoft Store and used for one month free of charge. After the one-month trial, the monthly fee will be $4.49. Users must also download the Mocopi link mobile app, free on Google Play and the App Store.

To accompany Mocopi’s new Maya plugin, Sony has added tutorials to the Mocopi developer site that will help creators leverage Mocopi’s capabilities within Maya.

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