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Sumolight Releases Sumomax

The 700-watt hexagonal fixture is the latest addition to Sumolight’s LED line. 

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The 700-watt hexagonal fixture is the latest addition to Sumolight's LED line.

Sumolight GmbH has introduced the Sumomax hexagonal 700-watt LED light.

The 1,800-15,000K full-spectrum (RGBWW) Sumomax is the latest addition to Sumolight’s LED line and offers a form factor similar to that of the Sumospace+. Its profile measures 22.1" x 19.7 "x 6.9", and its flat silhouette makes packing and shipping easy.

Sumomax fixtures can be arranged honeycomb-style to create unique patterns or shapes. Cells within the structure can be controlled as a group or individually. The Sumosnap quick-release connecting system allows users to combine fixtures safely and easily into unlimited size arrays. Mounting is simple with the built-in 16mm spigot, which provides a secure, screw-free interface to truss systems, standard junior pins and other grip hardware. An optional yoke is available.

Thanks to its “swoptic” module interchangeable optics, beams can be enhanced and directed from narrow 20° native up to super-wide 120° via clip-on optics. Intensity is fully dimmable from 100 percent to zero. Built-in effects include 0-30 Hz Shutter/Strobe and automated programs. For added illumination control, the system works with an array of light-shaping tools. 

Each fixture comes complete with internal power supply; on-fixture touch display panel; and DMX/RDM, Ethernet and WiFi control ability. Safe for indoor and outdoor use, Sumomax is IP65 rated for maximum safety compliance regardless of conditions.

To arrange a demo, contact [email protected] or [email protected].

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