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Wooden Camera Announces Panasonic Lumix BGH1 Solutions

The company is now shipping a range of custom kits and accessories designed around its Panasonic BGH1 Camera Cage.

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The company is now shipping a range of custom kits and accessories built around its Panasonic BGH1 Camera Cage.

Wooden Camera is now shipping a range of custom kits and accessories for the Panasonic Lumix BGH1.

Every tier of these production-ready kits features the Panasonic BGH1 Camera Cage alongside a new Mini Top Handle (3/8"-16) and LW 15mm Baseplate. Options include three new universal utility pieces that can be used on any rig: an updated bolt-on Arri Rosette (3/8"-16), a compact Tilt Monitor Hinge (3/8"-16) and a Mini Top Handle (3/8"-16).

“The BGH1 is a small and lightweight camera, and our goal was to design an equally compact accessory package that would both protect this powerhouse camera and expand its functionality,” says Dominick Aiello, senior director of accessories at Creative Solutions.

Accessories in the collection can be purchased individually or in one of three kit tiers: Base, Advanced and Pro (available in V-Mount and Gold Mount). Pro tiers feature a camera-specific Micro Battery Slide Pro available in two mounting configurations, allowing both micro and full-sized batteries to be added to the camera rig.

The nucleus of each kit is the Panasonic BGH1 Camera Cage, which provides enhanced support and an array of industry-standard 3/8"-16 and 1/4"-20 side-mounting points. Markings along the sides indicate the camera’s focal plane, and an Arca Swiss Top Plate allows for mounting handles and other accessories.

Also included is the LW 15mm Baseplate, featuring an upgraded safety-release system for the top Arca Swiss dovetail; industry-standard 3/8"-16 and 1/4"-20 mounting points throughout, and two 15mm LW rod openings at the correct distance from the center of the lens. It also features a dual quick-release system, with the Arca Swiss dovetail slot on top and the Arri-standard dovetail slot underneath.

The Base Kit includes the Panasonic BGH1 Camera Cage, Mini Top Handle (3/8"-16) and LW 15mm Baseplate (Panasonic BGH1). The Mini Top Handle (3/8"-16) mounts directly to the top of the cage via an upgraded captive 3/8"-16 bolt-on mechanism with safety pins. This new mechanism appears on several of the new attachments and can be tightened with a flathead screwdriver, 5/32" Allen or 4mm Allen Key. The Top Handle (3/8"-16) features an ergonomic, lightweight metal design as well as 1/4"-20 and 3/8"-16 mounting points. At 4.4" long and .7" wide, it is Wooden Camera’s most compact top handle.

The Advanced Kit adds an 8" Safety Dovetail and a pair of 9" 15mm rods.

The Pro Kit adds the Micro Battery Slide (Panasonic BGH1) in either V-Mount or Gold Mount as well as two 12" 15mm rods and a 12" Safety Dovetail.

The Lumix BGH1 Accessory Collection features two battery plates, each with two different mounting options. The Micro Battery Slide is a durable power plate that attaches directly to the camera cage. The Micro Battery Slide Pro mounts to a 15mm LW rod system. Both plates feature 2x D-Taps at 5.8 amps for accessory power. Should the set current for accessories be exceeded, only the accessory outputs are disabled, leaving the camera running normally. Once the current load has been reduced (by either removing or reconfiguring accessories), a press of the reset button restores accessory power.

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