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Wooden Camera Introduces Sony Solutions

New accessory systems for the Venice 2, Rialto 2, FX3 and FX30 are designed for maximum configurability and quick transitions between camera modes and setups.

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Wooden Camera has released accessory systems for the Sony Venice 2 and Rialto 2 and the Sony FX3 and FX30.

The lightweight, modular solutions are designed for maximum configurability and rapid transitions between camera modes and setups.

The engineers and designers at Wooden Camera adapted every element of the Venice 2 and Rialto 2 System to create seamless integration between each component, the camera and all possible workflows.

The quick-release Top Plate utilizes the dovetail on top of the camera for secure, tool-free attachment and quick-release transitions. It features an integrated hook-and-loop pad, plus configurable mounting points for an Expansion Hook-and-Loop Plate, Expansion Cheese Plate, front and rear optically centered 15mm Rod Clamps and the modular Ultra Handle system. The Rialto 2 Top Plate acts as an extension of the Venice 2 Top Plate and comes with its own optically centered Top Rod Bracket and Ultra Carry Handle.

The Arca Baseplate system is compatible with all standard bridgeplates. Its low profile drops the center of gravity as low as possible for optimal stability while allowing for easy quick-release and balance adjustments. Lens-centered front and rear 15mm Rod Clamps add stability and increased friction, giving users the ability to mount accessories to the back of the rig. Pass-through access holes and integrated storage allow quick transitions to a Rialto 2 setup without removing the Baseplate. The Arca Riser Plate works with both Venice 2 and Rialto 2 Baseplates; it features an intuitive, wedge-clamp locking system with a wing thumbscrew for added security and comes with both ⅜"-16 and Arri bridge plate hard-mounting points.

The Faceplate Cage attaches directly to the face of the Rialto 2 or Venice 2 sensor block using native mounting points, allowing operators to quickly create a standalone rig for handheld or gimbal use. The Faceplate is expandable and includes reconfigurable swing-out tape hooks and a dedicated rod mounting point for lens-control motors and EVF cable clips.

The Wooden Camera Elite Accessory System for Venice 2 lists for $2,508. The Elite Accessory System for Rialto 2 lists for $925.

The components of the Accessory System for the Sony FX3 and FX30 are as follows:

An expandable L-style Cage features Arca plate mounting points on the underside, 2x ⅜"-16 mounting points (one on the top, one on the side), 2x ¼"-20 mounting points (both on the side) and a removable HDMI Cable Clamp to eliminate loose wires. The modular design allows for seamless expansion with additional Wooden Camera or third-party accessories.

The Accessory System Top Plate features a cheese plate design that can be used in place of the stock Sony FX3/FX30 carry handle. It offers 2x ¼"-20 and 1x ⅜"-16 accessory mounting points and integrates with the Wooden Camera Ultra Handle System and/or other accessories.

A wraparound Right Cage Grip offers 3x ¼"-20 and 1x ⅜"-16 mounting points and a pass-through cutaway for quick battery swapping. A streamlined Handle Cheese Plate attaches to the FX3/FX30 carry handle and is designed to enhance configurability, adding 7x ¼"–20, 2x ⅜"-16 and a cold-shoe mounting point.

A new Micro Battery Slide is available in both Gold Mount and V-Mount versions and comes with two D-taps, a dual rod clamp and a resettable 9-amp fuse.

The full Accessory System for Sony FX3/FX30 Kit is available in Gold Mount and V-Mount versions and lists for $1,482.

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