Stephen Lighthill, ASC

    Presidents Letter 1 The Velvet Underground Feature 3505 F Copy
    November 2021

    What Happened to “Do The Right Thing”?

    We went from a pandemic of Covid-19 to a “pandemic of the unvaccinated” — and, in our business, a long struggle over establishing more reasonable working hours for cinematographers and other crewmembers.

    The Wrestler Cu Copy
    July 2021

    You Have to Have Something to Sing About

    “Indie production” — or independent film — can refer to a small film, a low-budget film, and so on, but really, “indie” should be seen as referring to a film with independent spirit.

    Lieberman Point Cabrillo Light Station Ca 2015 Copy
    June 2021

    The Decisive Moment

    Photography remains the root technology of cinematography, and one of the best tools for teaching cinematography.

    Toyota Jessica Long
    April 2021

    Looking to the Future

    Many members of the ASC, whether new or established, are cinematographers of TV commercials.

    Gregory Crewdson Untitled Birth Beneath The Roses 2007
    April 2021

    The Art of Light

    “Light transports viewers into those imaginary worlds they know do not exist but believe in anyway.”

    Asc Clubhouse
    March 2021

    The [Virtual] Production Future

    “While the technology of VP is recent, the idea of in-camera compositing is as old as moviemaking itself.”

    Clubhouse Day
    January 2021

    One Big Planet

    “It is worth noting that the ASC is an international organization with members in dozens of countries, as well as the first such organization devoted to cinematography.”

    Simmons Race Day Los Angeles 2019
    December 2020

    Creation of the Image

    “Much will change as a result of 2020. Some things will disappear, others will return modified by lessons learned during these past months: different, but better.”

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