Stephen Lighthill, ASC

    Jackson Wild 2022 Dscf4307
    October 2022

    Global Developments

    The more we look back on where we have come from, the more we see where we can go in the future.

    Good Night And Good Luck 1
    September 2022

    Thoughts on Leadership

    For a cinematographer, job number one is actually — in the best of times — managing fear. 

    Lighthill Mtv 1985
    April 2022

    Careers Take Unpredictable Twists and Turns

    For cinematographers, thinking about one’s career trajectory is a daily concern that sometimes verges on obsession, as various projects are considered.

    Mikhail Kaufman Man With A Movie Camera
    March 2022

    The Spirit of Cinematography

    In the spirit of the season of award presentations, it is time to turn away from our everyday challenges and remind ourselves of core creative ambitions for cinematographers.

    Tick Tick Boom  Img 2491
    January 2022

    Working Through the New Normal

    We must go about the business of living and working in the modified and masked manner we have learned over the last two years.

    Rising Stars 2018 Hutchins 2018 03 18 08 52 28 1
    December 2021

    “We Mourn Her Loss”

    “We deplore this senseless failure of long-established on-set firearm protocols.”

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