Benjamin B

    Practical Optics - Notes on Lenses & Elastic Formats -thefilmbook-
    April 2016

    Practical Optics 2 - Notes on Lenses and Elastic Formats

    This post is a brief reflection about focal lengths with multiple, "elastic" formats. It serves as an addendum to my previous in-depth post about Testing Different Sensor Sizes, and is aimed at students... like myself :)

    February 2016

    Walter Murch - 1. Cook, Surgeon, Conductor

    "Editing is a mixture of cooking, surgery and orchestra conducting." Renown editor and sound designer Walter Murch talks about his art and his craft in a first video interview with Benjamin B.

    11 aspect ratios-thefilmbook
    February 2016

    The Elastic Frame

    This is a post about the transition in contemporary cinema to the elastic frame, a result of digital projection.

    Panavision APV135 variable anamorphic lens-
    January 2016

    Large Format: Ultra Panavision 70

    Large formats are a key development in current cinema, and I hope to write several posts on the subject in the coming months. This post is about Ultra Panavision 70.

    For Vilmos - featured
    January 2016

    Thank You, Vilmos

    A personal tribute to my friend Vilmos Zsigmond, ASC, HSC.

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