Diffusion Confusion 2 Opener
    November 2018

    Diffusion Confusion, Part 2: Alternative Diffusion

    For those who can’t afford commercially sold diffusion materials, there are plenty of alternatives that you can use. We’ll take a look at some of them here, compared to the “real stuff.”

    Shot Craft 02 Deep Focus Smoke And Fog Copy
    October 2018

    Smoke and Fog

    Looking to accentuate a scene with atmospherics? Here's the details on various approaches.

    Diffusion Confusion Opener 2
    September 2018

    Diffusion Confusion Part 1

    Diffusion filters — also referred to as “gels” — are the most common tools for altering the quality of light sources. AC tested a number of regularly used diffusions and see what their exact effects really are.

    Shot Craft July2018 Eyelight 03 Featured
    September 2018

    Eye Lights

    The eyes are where we most often look when we watch an actor’s performance, and where we find the truth in their portrayal.

    Shot Craft Dsc02586 Copy
    July 2018

    Working With Drones

    Eric Austin, the director of media operations and chief pilot at M2 Aerials offers insight on getting started.

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