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    August 2019

    Lens Test: The Deakinizers

    Jay Holben and cinematographer Kaity Williams test Otto Nemenz International's Deakinizer optics, which evoke the feeling of early still-photo portraiture lenses.

    Shot Craft Diopters 1 02 Figure 2 4 1
    June 2019

    Deep Focus: Diopters

    Understanding the use of these close-up lens attachments that can bring us extremely close to a subject or carry focus between planes.

    08 Figure 4 14 5
    April 2019

    Using Specular Reflections

    Take a look at magazine advertisements for cars, jewelry, drinks, silverware, even electronics, and you’ll notice that they employ specular highlights to show off the products’ “beauty.”

    07 Two Polas Featured
    April 2019

    Understanding Polarizing Filters

    The effects of these special filters cannot be easily mimicked with digital tricks, making the understanding of their use important for every creative cinematographer.

    Shot Craft Ahs Goi
    February 2019

    Fresh Perspectives

    Keeping a long-running TV series looking fresh is a constant challenge for cinematographers working season-to-season. 

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