Announcing New Edition of American Cinematographer Manual

The completely revised 11th edition of this essential technical reference is now exclusively available from the ASC. 

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The completely revised 11th edition of this essential technical reference is now exclusively available from the ASC.

Containing entirely new chapters and substantial rewrites of entries from the previous edition, this hardback book designed for on-set use is a must-have for cinematographers and other motion-imaging professionals.

Edited by M. David Mullen, ASC and ASC associate member Rob Hummel, contributors to this updated edition include Society members Bill Bennett, Christopher Chomyn, Richard Crudo, Richard Edlund, John C. Hora, Levie Isaacks, Dennis Muren, James Neihouse, Sam Nicholson, Steven Poster, Christopher Probst, Pete Romano, Roberto Schaefer and David Stump.

Topics covered in this 11th edition of our “Filmmaker’s Bible” include:

• Evaluating digital cameras
• Take ownership of your sensor
• Measuring light
• The color science behind modern lighting instruments
• Virtual production/emissive screens
• Digital versions of day-for-night and infrared cinematography
• Imax/large-format cinematography
• Specialty lenses
• Variable frame rates
• ASC Color-Decision List (ASC CDL)
• Academy Color Encoding System (ACES)

A limited run of 3,500 copies of this hardback edition will be available, so act now to reserve your copy through the ASC Store.

The new AC Manual is in stock and shipping now.

American Cinematographer Manual
Eleventh Edition
Table of Contents


Origins of the American Society of Cinematographers
David E. Williams

Responsibilities of the Cinematographer

Basic Digital Concepts
Marty Ollstein

Resolution, Acuity, and Contrast Sensitivity and Their Contribution to Cinematography
Daniel S. Rosen

Criteria for Evaluating Digital Cinema Cameras
David Stump, ASC

Take Ownership of Your Sensor
Richard Crudo, ASC

Exposure Meters
Nasir Zaidi

Measuring Light
Christopher Chomyn, ASC

Light Sources and Lighting Instruments
Phil Rhodes with Frieder Hochheim and Tim S. Kang

Iain A. Neil

Anamorphic Cinematography
John C. Hora, ASC

Depth of Field
Rob Hummel

Compositional Considerations When Choosing Aspect Ratio & How Shooting Film vs. Digital Impacts Those Choices
Rob Hummel

Set Safety
Steven Poster, ASC and Michael Chambliss

Ira Tiffen

Camera-Stabilizing Systems
Larry McConkey, SOC

Monitor Setup for Accurate Picture Review
Lou Levinson and Gary Mandie

Roberto Schaefer, ASC

James Neihouse, ASC

Aerial Cinematography
Jon Kranhouse and David B. Nowell, ASC

Underwater Cinematography
Pete Romano, ASC

M. David Mullen, ASC

Introduction into 3D Cinematography
Buzz Hays

Emissive-Screen Cinematography in Virtual Production
Noah Kadner

Photographing Displays, Past & Present
Steve Irwin

Infrared Cinematography
Bill Bennett, ASC

Arctic-Tropical Cinematography
James Neihouse, ASC

Specialty Lenses
Mako Kowai

Macro Cinematography
Christopher Probst, ASC

Virtual Reality / 360° Cinematography
Noah Kadner

Variable Frame Rate
Jonathan Erland

The Cinematographer and the Laboratory
Rob Hummel

Colin Green

Digital Postproduction for Feature Films
Sarah Priestnall

ASC Color-Decision List
David Reisner and Joshua Pines

The Academy Color Encoding System (ACES)
Annie Chang and Andy Maltz

Working with Greenscreens and Bluescreens
Sam Nicholson, ASC and David Stump, ASC

Photographing Miniatures
Dennis Muren, ASC

In-Camera Compositing of Miniatures with Full-Scale Live-Action Actors
Dan Curry, VES

Motion-Control Cinematography
Richard Edlund, ASC

Film Format Dimensions

R. Evans Wetmore, P.E.

Postproduction and VFX Glossary

Digital Glossary
Marty Ollstein and Levie Isaacks, ASC


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