ASC Photo Gallery Returns with Fall Exhibition

The still photography of nine Society members will be on display at the ASC Photo Gallery Fall Exhibition, held at the historic Clubhouse in Hollywood. 

This is the fourth show in the semi-annual program that celebrates members’ continued and expanded creative expression of visual storytelling.

This new exhibition will be open on Saturday, September 15, from 4:00 – 9:00 p.m., and features the work of ASC members Patrick Cady, Eagle Egilsson, Dana Gonzales, Edward Lachman, Dan Laustsen, Peter Levy, Kramer Morgenthau, Crescenzo Notarile and Roberto Schaefer.

The exhibition is curated by Paris Chong, manager of the Leica Gallery LA, and each participant will have between two and five photographs on view. 

“We cinematographers look for a way to express ourselves without being in collaboration with other people,” says ASC President Kees Van Oostrum about the program. “Still photography is our own visual expression.”

Charlie Lieberman, ASC — in the field shooting a landscape.

This sentiment is echoed by Charlie Lieberman, ASC, chair of the Photo Gallery committee. Still photography, he says, “is work that is totally personal. It’s not part of the collaboration…. I think the exhibitions are a great way to showcase that the expression of artistry and creativity is somewhat boundless. Many of us can’t help but do it. It’s an automatic reflex that we capture some form of beauty when we see it.”

The ASC Photo Gallery launched in 2017 with the intention of showcasing other visual work of the some of the top cinematographers in the world. “Many working cinematographers started in still photography,” Lieberman notes, “which is true of me and many members who are showing in the Gallery.”

Van Oostrum adds that the photographs, which will be on display at the Clubhouse for six months, serve as a “source of inspiration” for members. 

Regarding the work on view in the Fall Exhibition, Lieberman raves, “They’re marvelous. They’re just brilliant pictures.”

ASC members whose work have been on view in previous exhibitions include Bill Bennett, Antonio CalvacheRussell Carpenter, James ChressanthisRichard Crudo, David DarbyRoger DeakinsFred Elmes, Stephen Goldblatt, Shelly JohnsonJacek LaskusDenis LenoirCharlie LiebermanKarl-Walter LindenlaubSuki Medencevic, George Mooradian, James NeihousePhedon Papamichael, Steven B. Poster, Robert Primes, Antonio RiestraJohn Simmons, David Stump, John Toll, Theo Van de Sande, Mandy Walker and Alexander Witt.  

“We’re all visual artists who tell stories — that’s what cinematographers do,” Lieberman explains. “We’re there to put context to what’s in front of the camera — within mood, lighting, frame and camera movement. In stills, the goal is to tell a story, but it’s a story in a fixed frame. And while cinematography is two-dimensional, it really feels three-dimensional. Stills are very two-dimensional. The story is often wordless. You can’t put a phrase around it, but there’s something that happens in your mind that makes you think of some meaning. And there’s a story in every still.”

In addition to coordinating the shows, Lieberman personally prints all display photographs and invites each participant to join him for their print sessions. Nearly all of the participants attend and take part in this process, and some will even arrange schedules and make travel plans in order to be present. “As is true for every cinematographer, we are obsessed with the quality of the image,” he says.

Signed 20" x 30" prints of the photographs on view are available for sale in limited quantities of 15 and come with a certificate of authenticity. Smaller prints are also available for purchase. 

Reflecting upon the upcoming exhibition, Lieberman can’t help but be enthusiastic about the continued artistic expression of his peers. “It’s exciting to see what the members are finding. Sometimes it’s something during a location scout. Sometimes it’s something that is shot on a film shoot. Sometimes it’s on vacation. But it’s always their personal idea that this is something worth capturing. And now we have an outlet for them to present it to everyone else. That’s the joy of it.”

Below is a sampling of shots from each of this new exhibition’s participating photographers:

Patrick Cady, ASC – “Yansick Lumber” (1987)

Eagle Egilsson, ASC – “Áfram Við Göngum” (2008)

Dana Gonzales, ASC – “Faith” (2008)

Edward Lachman, ASC – “Brooklyn, NY” (2009)

Dan Laustsen, ASC – “New York, New York 4” (2018)

Peter Levy, ASC, ACS – “Venice Beach, CA” (2009)

 Kramer Morgenthau, ASC – “Silver Lake” (2015)

Crescenzo Notarile, ASC, AIC – “Breast Landscape With Venetian Shadows” (1994)

Roberto Schaefer, ASC, AIC – “New Orleans” (2014)

To attend the ASC Photo Gallery opening night event on September 15, you must RSVP to [email protected]. Please include the names of any guests. You will not be admitted unless your name appears on the RSVP list.

The ASC Photo Gallery Fall Exhibition is open to the public during normal business hours, but visitors must first RSVP to [email protected]. The exhibition will be on view through the end of October. 

You can see images from the previous ASC Photo Gallery exhibitions herehere and here.

These images are also available for purchase in the ASC Store.


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