Nancy Schreiber, ASC Joins Women In Media Advisory Board

In her new role with the organization, the cinematographer will “help us build bridges and expand our mission.”

Samantha Dillard

In her new role with the organization, the cinematographer will “help us build bridges and expand our mission.”

After being honored by Women In Media (WIM) in 2017, Nancy Schreiber, ASC has now joined the organization’s Advisory Board

Nancy Schreiber, ASC (Photo by Bruce Bramelin)

According to their mission statement, “Women In Media seeks to promote gender balance in the film and entertainment industries through networking, professional development and advocacy for women who work above and below the line and the people who love to collaborate with them.”

“We couldn't be more pleased to have Nancy involved with our organization in a more formal capacity,” says WIM executive director Tema L. Staig. “Our Advisory Board members attend events (as schedule permits) as well as connect us to other industry leaders who help us forward our mission of parity and inclusion above and below the line.”

All WIM Advisory Board members sign the #ParityInAction Pledge, which ensures that the signer will “stand up for decency and civility in our industry for workers of all genders.”

In her new role, Schreiber will “help us build bridges and expand our mission,” says Staig. Advisory Board members contribute in myriad ways, such as teaching courses, mentoring and connecting WIM with vendor partners. 

Last year, the ASC Vision Committee partnered with Women In Media for Crane Day, which provided hands-on training with cranes, remote heads and a Tomcar and was conducted to provide training and experience to diverse peoples in an effort to bring more inclusivity to bigger-budget crews.

Throughout her career, Schreiber has photographed features, television series and documentaries. For her work, she has earned awards and nominations from the Emmys, Sundance Film Festival and Independent Spirit Awards.

Schreiber served on the ASC’s Board for seven years. In 2017, she became the first woman honored with the ASC Presidents Award.

In addition to her work behind the camera, the cinematographer has taught at the American Film Institute and lectured at film schools in New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles.

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