Shooting Ripley, Robert Elswit, ASC (at camera) and director Steven Zaillian prep with actor Andrew Scott for a shot at the post-office boxes. (Photo courtesy of Netfix)

Upcoming July AC Showcases Television Camerawork

New edition offers in-depth coverage of Ripley, Mary & George, Avatar: The Last Airbender, Ahsoka, Fargo and One Piece.

ASC Staff

This issue — Vol. 105 No. 7 — will soon be delivered to print subscribers and available as a digital edition.

On Our Cover: Con artist Tom Ripley (Andrew Scott) schemes to adopt the identity of an American expat in Ripley, shot by Robert Elswit, ASC. (Image courtesy of Netflix.)

Here’s a look inside:

President’s Desk:
ASC President Shelly Johnson recalls the valuable lessons learned and relationships formed during his early work on television projects.

Robert Elswit, ASC and director Steven Zaillian discuss their work on the black-and-white limited series Ripley.

Cinematographers Alexander Dynan, Adam Scarth and Frank Lamm break down their naturalist strategies for the 17th-century series Mary & George.

Executive producer/producing director/cinematographer Michael Goi, ASC, ISC and cinematographers Michael Balfry, CSC and Stewart Whelan, ISC discuss the first season of Avatar: The Last Airbender, and executive producer/director/visual-effects supervisor Jabbar Raisani offers a look at some of the VFX challenges.

Eric Steelberg, ASC and Quyen Tran, ASC share their perspectives on shooting the Star Wars
series Ahsoka.

Picture Partners:
ASC members Dana Gonzales and Pete Konczal detail their collaboration on the series Fargo, notably episodes that Gonzales directed and Konczal shot.

Filmmakers’ Forum:
Nicole Hirsch Whitaker, ASC offers a first-person account of filming the series One Piece in South Africa.

Clubhouse News:
The latest bulletins from the Society feature the election of ASC leadership for 2024-’25; an ASC Master Class in Toronto; AFI Franklin J. Schaffner Alumni Medal recipient Matthew Libatique, ASC, LPS; and Pierre Angénieux Tribute Award honoree Santosh Sivan, ASC, ISC.

Wrap Shot: The American Friend, shot by Robby Müller, NSC, BVK and directed by Wim Wenders.

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