Dean Cundey, ASC — Interview

In this video created for Friends of the ASC, the cinematographer reveals how his early interest in production design evolved into his passion for cinematography, and he pulls back the curtain on the technical tricks employed on several of his groundbreaking films. (23:24)

Referenced Clips: Who Framed Roger Rabbit?, DVD chapter 8 (AC July 1988); Back to the Future Part II, DVD chapter 7 (AC Dec. 1989); Jurassic Park, DVD chapter 17 (AC June 1993).

  1. Interview
  2. Q&A

2011 marked the inaugural year of the ASC Breakfast Club. ASC Members are invited to speak in front of a small audience, at the historic clubhouse, to share their inspirations and work experiences as cinematographers. An in-depth interview, conducted by American Cinematographer Associate Editor Jon Witmer, is followed by a question-and-answer session with the audience.

2011 speakers were: Dean CundeyMatthew LibatiqueChristopher ManleyRodrigo Prieto and Wally Pfister.