Wildlife Filmmaking Showcased in September 2022 AC

New issue also features the award-winning documentary Tigre Gente, the Afrofuturist musical Neptune Frost; and a profile of Robert Elswit, ASC.

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New issue also features the award-winning documentary Tigre Gente, the Afrofuturist musical Neptune Frost; and a profile of Robert Elswit, ASC.

At top, Paul Atkins, ASC grabs a closeup on an undersea predator.

Here’s a detailed look at our coverage:

With our cover story, AC explores the rewards and challenges of nature and wildlife filmmaking through conversations with Paul Atkins, ASC; Dereck Joubert; Sophie Darlington; Alastair Fothergill; Jeff Hester; Roger Horrocks; Tania Escobar; Jamie McPherson; and others. Topics include the recent advances in specialized-cinematography equipment that have made a critical difference in the field. 

Paul Atkins, ASC

On Our Cover: A leopard in its natural environment. (Photo by Beverly Joubert, courtesy of Wildlife Films.)

Cinematographer Edward Roqueta, director Elizabeth Unger and others discuss their work on the award-winning documentary Tigre Gente, about the illegal international jaguar trade. 

Neptune Frost co-directors Anisia Uzeyman and Saul Williams detail their approach to the independent production, which was shot in Rwanda with Uzeyman at the camera.

Escaped miner Matalusa (Bertrand “Kaya Free” Nintereste), dreams of another world in the surreal Neptune Frost. (Kino Lorber)

ASC and Academy Award winner Robert Elswit, ASC reflects on his career and some of the collaborations that have shaped it.

Robert Elswit, ASC on the set of Inherent Vice (2014; photo by Wilson Webb, SMPSP).

Shot Craft: A look at lens coatings — vintage and modern — and how they affect the performance of a lens.

Left: An Atlas Orion anamorphic prime with the original series coatings. Right: An Orion of the same focal length with the new Silver Edition coating, which neutralizes flare colors. (Photo by Christopher Probst, ASC)

The Virtual World: Cinematographer Antón Fresco and director Emma Needell discuss the live-action/mocap hybrid short film Life Rendered.

Clubhouse News: The latest bulletins from the Society feature an ASC Master Class for Masters on virtual production; the 2022 ASC International Cinematography Summit; and new member Sam McCurdy, ASC, BSC. 

Wrap Shot: Filmmaker Howard Hall on shooting 3D Imax underwater in the 1990s.

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