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Alpa Introduces Large-Format Primes, Alpa XO

Alpa Switar Cine Primes are available in six focal lengths, with two more on the way.

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Alpa Switar Cine Primes are available in six focal lengths, with two more on the way.

Alpa of Switzerland has introduced Alpa Switar Cine Primes for large-format cameras and the Alpa XO, an exoskeleton for the Fujifilm GFX100 camera.

Offering an image circle of 70mm, Alpa Switar Cine Primes are sold as a set of six: 35mm (T3.5), 45mm (T2.8), 55mm (T3.5), 80mm (T2.0), 140mm (T2.8) and 210mm (T4.0). Two additional focal lengths, 24mm (T3.5) and 120mm (T4.0), are in development. The lenses feature a shimmable PL mount as standard, and each lens comes with an individually calibrated adapter mount for the new, shimmable LPL port. An M88-to-M95 filter adapter is also included.

Alpa Switar Cine Primes can be used for 5-perf 65mm (and, with some modifications, 15-perf 65mm) and with all digital large-format motion-picture cameras currently in use. They feature homogeneous and consistent imaging over all focal lengths and an iris with 15 aperture blades for an almost circular aperture and a creamy bokeh.

The Alpa XO, which is available for a 10-percent discount through the end of January 2020, is designed to protect the Fujifilm GFX100 in harsh environments and demanding professional use. Constructed of aircraft-grade aluminum, the XO supports the PL Mount, and an LPL-based solution is in the works.

The XO follows the shape of the GFX’s proper grip and makes the weight of the camera easier to handle on long shooting days. The XO works as an L-bracket as well, and it offers the classic Alpa feature connector with two anti-twist pins on the bottom, allowing users to adapt existing Alpa tripod-plates.

In minutes, the XO can transform the GFX100 into a full-fledged, professional cinematography platform. The user can go small and light or build a big rig with the XO-PL Mount, XO-Accessories and even third-party accessories. More than 200 1/4"-20 and more than a dozen 3/8"-16 thread challenge the user’s creativity in building a unique setup. For focus pullers and professional cinematography applications, Alpa has integrated a small titanium pin indicating the position of the sensor plane.
The modular top handle ensures perfect balance and provides even more mounting points.

All XO exoskeletons come with the Alpa Swiss Tool, a universal tool with precision magnetic bits, and the Stubby Tool.

The Alpa XO is available in two colors, Midnight Black and Storm Grey.

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