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Anton/Bauer Unleashes Salt-E Dog

Designed specifically for motion-picture production, the sodium-based 9kWh battery produces no CO2 or NOx emissions.

ASC Staff

Anton/Bauer has announced the Salt-E Dog, a sodium-based 9kWh mobile power source designed specifically for motion-picture production.

By utilizing sodium, the battery produces no CO2 or NOx emissions, resulting in cleaner air and a safer production experience. Its near-silent operation and compact design allow for placement closer to where a production needs power, eliminating long cables and reducing ADR work. The Salt-E Dog allows productions to offset 2.6 kg of CO2 and associated NOx per liter of fuel saved.

“Until now, productions have relied on gas generators designed for heavy industries or lithium-based power supplies,” says Andrew Hutton, product manager for Anton/Bauer. “We are using a more sustainable and readily available option: sodium. Compared to lithium, sodium cells offer a safer, more efficient and longer-lasting power solution.”

The sodium cell is fully recyclable and has a lower Global Warming Potential rating compared to lithium-ion batteries. Productions can safely place the unit near lighting, catering, craft and even on-screen talent without the risk of thermal runaway or fire.

AC power is provided through four 20A 120V outlets or a 50A 125V Stage Pin connector. DC power comes through four 16A 28V XLR3, four 16A 48V and two 5~20V 100W USB-C ports. With these capabilities, the Salt-E Dog can provide up to 6,000 watts of pure sine wave power, allowing for extended off-the-grid usage. Users can recharge the unit from AC outlets, solar PV and CCS Level 2 (J1772) electric-vehicle charge points.

The Salt-E Dog features a 7" color touchscreen display for real-time monitoring and an IP55 weatherproof rating.

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