Highlights from AOTO at NAB 2023

Participation in the exhibition demonstrated their commitment to innovation and dedication to providing customers with the latest technology solutions.
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The most influential media entertainment exhibition in the U.S., NAB Show 2023 kicked off on April 16 in Las Vegas, Nevada. AOTO Electronics, a leading manufacturer in the LED display industry, presented their latest technology in LED solutions alongside world-renowned brands such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft, HP and Mosys. The company’s focus on joint participation with these industry leaders highlights their commitment to innovation and their dedication to providing their customers with cutting-edge technology solutions.

The NAB Show was a showcase of the latest advancements in the broadcasting and AV industry. AOTO brought Virtual Production LED Solutions, XR Stage, and a line of fine-pitch LED screens — including CB series and CV series — demonstrating their expertise in LED display technology.

One of the highlights of the exhibition was the collaboration displayed between AOTO Electronics and Amazon Web Services, which support the showcased of the latest AWS Elemental Media Connect Gateway technology. This technology aims to make operations in hybrid environments more efficient by enabling monitoring, security, and control of video sources from within the AWS management dashboard. The technology further improves virtual content, such as XR and VP, to produce real-time output efficiency and security. The AOTO team demonstrated their professionalism and product display performance in their XR virtual studio cooperation with AWS, which led to the company’s continued partnership with AWS in showcasing the latest technologies and services in the field of content creation.

Another industry leader that AOTO Electronics partnered with was Microsoft, which highlighted their media production service platform at the exhibition. This platform helps content owners and partners in the media and entertainment industry to collaborate and achieve more goals through real-time video production technology powered by Microsoft Azure. AOTO Electronics is one of the partners in this program, leveraging their professionalism in the field of LED display to better help the content creation ecology to develop creativity and provide high-quality content to the audience.

The company’s joint participation with HP also showcased their expertise in LED display technology, with HP displaying their latest graphics workstations, monitors, and software for creative professionals. AOTO Electronics’ LED displays were seamlessly integrated with HP’s products, providing a breathtaking visual experience for visitors to the exhibition.

AOTO also partnered with Mosys, a manufacturer specializing in the development of optical camera tracking technology. The joint participation showcased the integration of Mosys’ optical camera tracking technology with AOTO Electronics’ LED displays, providing a dynamic and immersive visual experience for visitors to the exhibition.

AOTO’s participation in the NAB exhibition demonstrated the commitment to innovation and dedication to providing their customers with the latest technology solutions. As the industry continues to evolve, AOTO Electronics will undoubtedly be at the forefront, providing cutting-edge solutions to customers and driving innovation forward in the audio-video industry.

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