AOTO Teams Up with AI Giants at NAB Show 2024

Leveraging its products’ strong compatibility with AI technology, AOTO’s intelligent visual solutions received global recognition.

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From April 14-17, 2024, the NAB Show 2024 wrapped up in Las Vegas, Nevada. AOTO not only showcased innovative products but also teamed up again with long-term partners Amazon Web Services and NVIDIA to demonstrate the power of AI. This marked the third collaboration between AOTO and NVIDIA, with AWS also being a long-standing partner. These AI giants have consistently chosen AOTO as their provider of Virtual Production solutions. At this NAB Show, AOTO created XR Studios for these "old friends" and joined forces with the AI chip giant AMD at the show.

Leveraging its products' strong compatibility with AI technology, AOTO's intelligent visual solutions received global recognition from pioneers in the AI wave. At the NAB Show, AOTO's AI+ visual products again became the focus of the latest forefront AI technology. Featuring cross-modal generative AI by Cuebric, AOTO demonstrated how AI technology can revolutionize the efficiency of virtual production, reduce production costs, and make AI+XR virtual production more widespread.

AOTO and AI Ecosystem Partners at NAB
This exhibition was also a powerful demonstration of AOTO's AI ecosystem. In addition to supporting international AI giants, AOTO's intelligent visual products collaborated with leading global companies such as Brompton, Cuebric, Disguise, Motorized Precision, Studio Lab, Synapse Virtual Production, Simplemente, and stYpe to push the boundaries of smart technology in commercial applications.

AOTO's Innovative Products at NAB
Beyond collaborating with top AI leaders, AOTO's booth also attracted significant attention. The company displayed innovative products, including the RMS series LED walls designed for Virtual Production, the award-winning AI+ product SW series, SW-RGBW ceiling screens, AE1.5E fine-pitch floor screens, designed for use in XR virtual production, and the CVPS series cinema screens designed specifically for high-end cinemas.

RMS Series: Born for Virtual Production
At the exhibition, AOTO launched the new RMS series LED walls for Virtual Production. This product features RGBW and static drive technologies, breaking the limitations of scan lines in traditional shooting and redefining the display standards for virtual production. The SW-RGBW series enhances the immersive feel and visual impact of virtual studios, bringing every frame to life vividly. The AE1.5E series floor screens, used in XR Studios, stand out with their ultra-fine 1.5mm pixel pitch and high pixel density, equipped with high refresh rates and brightness along with a pressure-resistant anti-slip surface, providing perfect visual effects for real-time interaction and detailed presentation in XR Studios.

RM2.3B & SW Series: Innovating the Rental Experience
The RM2.3B, featuring Mini4-in-1 technology, allows for 90° right-angle and custom-shaped screen assembly, offering broader scene design flexibility. Its fast rental lock and beveled edge design optimize assembly and disassembly processes, with high brightness and refresh rates that meet various environmental demands. Meanwhile, the award-winning SW series, with its lightweight carbon fiber structure and high-performance brightness, delivers stunning visual effects at outdoor events. The combination of high refresh rates and low power consumption ensures clear and smooth imagery under various lighting conditions, demonstrating its competitiveness in the rental market.

CVPS Series: Immersive High-end cinema Experience
AOTO's CVPS series offers an unprecedented immersive viewing experience for High-end cinema enthusiasts. Featuring cutting-edge MIP technology, this series has an ultra-fine pixel pitch and high pixel density that bring screen details to life, making viewers feel as though they are part of the story. High contrast and DCI-P3 color gamut ensure true-to-life image reproduction, creating a truly immersive visual experience. The CVPS series not only focuses on image quality but also emphasizes eye protection, making long-term viewing a healthy lifestyle choice.

With strong product capabilities and compatibility with large AI models, AOTO's AI+ intelligent visual products will continue to push industry standards, becoming a new base for commercial productivity and continuously creating value for customers and society.


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