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Arri Updates Cforce Motors

SUP 2.0 brings a variety of enhancements to Cforce Mini and Plus lens motors.

ASC Staff

Arri has released Software Update 2.0 for its Cforce lens motors.

All Cforce Mini and Cforce Plus motors can benefit from the free update, and the performance increase is not affected by the choice of hand unit; it works with Hi‑5, ZMU‑4, SXU-1 and legacy WCU‑4.

The small, lightweight Cforce Mini has been considered the default motor for most productions unless exceptional torque or speed is required. With SUP 2.0, the Mini can cover more use cases with ease. When working with a low-friction lens, the new motor firmware delivers a particularly improved performance when coupled with the larger 50t CLM-4 gear (K2.72108.0). This combination offers speeds 25 percent faster than with the default 40t gear but with a slight reduction in maximum torque.

SUP 2.0 also offers a new Encoder Mode for the Cforce Mini. This mode permits the lens axis held by a lens motor to be rotated manually while still allowing data from custom lens files to be recorded and displayed. Encoder Mode enables a cinematographer to adjust the iris value directly on any lens without removing the motor. The T‑stop position can then be displayed in the status overlay on all monitors and hand units and streamed to virtual-production systems.

Encoder Mode can also simplify virtual-production workflows by offering an integrated solution for lens tracking. Focus pullers and virtual-production technicians can utilize one set of Cforce motors as both lens motors and encoders simultaneously instead of needing to run parallel systems. The number of cables tethering cameras to virtual-production hardware is also minimized; the Encoder Mode allows lens data to be streamed directly from cameras along with camera metadata and control parameters.

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