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Assimilate Launches Live FX 9.6

The real-time visual-effects software is designed for LED-wall-based virtual-production workflows and advanced greenscreen live compositing.

ASC Staff

Assimilate has released Live FX 9.6, real-time visual-effects software designed for LED-wall-based virtual-production workflows and advanced greenscreen live compositing.

Live FX 9.6 offers features such as projection mapping, virtual set extensions and image-based lighting via pixel mapping that enable users to create immersive, realistic virtual environments while saving on media servers. The underlying footage can be of any format or resolution, and next to 2D and 2.5D content, complete 3D environments can be used to drive stage lighting.

“The Live FX pixel-mapping function astounds me!” says ASC associate member Tim Kang. “Assimilate has officially changed the game by providing the simplest, most direct way to sample live video and output lighting data. I just pushed out 54 universes of 16-bit RGB pixel data with only a two- or three-frame delay from a live video input, all from my laptop.”

Live FX 9.6 also introduces broad support for camera-tracking solutions and projection-mapping capabilities for LED walls. By creating a 3D representation of the entire stage directly inside Live FX, users can also build virtual set extensions beyond the physical LED screens.

"Because Live FX is easy and intuitive to use, changes to a scene can be implemented in a matter of seconds, whether it’s adding a grade, a light card, or compositing elements into the foreground,” says Mazze Aderhold, chief innovation officer at Assimilate. “A significant benefit is that it doesn’t require a fully blown media server setup underneath. With its very modest hardware requirements, Live FX 9.6 can project 2D and 2.5D content easily onto LED volumes up to a resolution of 24K from just a single GPU.”

Assimilate Live FX 9.6 costs $345 and can be purchased and downloaded from the company’s website.

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