AUO’s Display Technology Powers LED Virtual Studio

Partnership with award-winning Reno Studios puts Taiwan’s first one-stop virtual production studio on the map.

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When the award-winning Reno Studios set out to establish a flagship state-of-the-art LED virtual production studio, they sought an equally committed LED display technology partner, who as well as supplying products to meet the exacting standards of filmmakers, would also provide excellent post-sales support. The search successfully concluded with AUO, a consistent innovator in the field of display technology with access to all the equipment needed to produce a LED virtual studio.

The virtual production studio, built at Taiwan’s Central Motion Picture Corporation Studio, is the first in Taiwan to offer an end-to-end, one-stop solution – from filming to postproduction. Launching with the smallest pitch LED display for the finest backdrop images, the studio introduced a new level of creative freedom for directors and producers.

Ushering in a new era for the film and television industry, it offers excellent filming solutions to help film crews reduce the time and cost of shooting. A virtual studio not only eliminates the problems of climate and time, most importantly, the technological capabilities of high-quality LED virtual production unlock unlimited creativity and possibilities.

Led by the rise of streaming services, and consumers clamoring for new blockbusters to watch at the movie theatres, the continual demand for new content is an ongoing and ever-growing trend.

For Reno Studios, winner of Best Visual Effects at the Golden Horse Film Festival and Awards, the virtual production studio is a response to that demand. Recognizing that virtual studios are now a vital tool in a filmmakers’ inventory, Reno Studios’ main goal is to bolster Taiwan’s film industry.

As technology partner, AUO supplied advanced LED display panels with ALED technology to construct a roofed, semi-circular 180-degree LED soundstage. A total of 380 P1.95 LED panels were combined to create the main screen of the virtual set which measured 5 meters in height with a diameter of 12 meters. The installation was carried out by a team comprised of engineers from both AUO and Reno Studios.

Snow scene on the LED volume.

Mango Chi, Reno Studios’ Creative Director, addresses the benefits of LED virtual studio and how it transforms the film industry.

The specially implemented P1.95 narrow pixel pitch in AUO’s ALED display seamlessly combines LED and effectively reduces moiré patterns to deliver incredible clarity for virtual backdrops. Supported by features such as a low scan rate, an ultra-high refresh rate and a 99% DCI-P3 color gamut, image details are faithfully recreated to perfection with impeccable video quality.

AUO's professional calibration technology and rich installation experience mean the company can help creators express detailed content, allowing performers to fully immerse themselves in scenes by creating life-like environments and world-class shooting locations that can be quickly toggled.

Filming with LED virtual studio.

Filming with LED virtual studio.

Reno Studios is delighted with the final project result. Operating Director Peter Huang said, “With the help of AUO's advanced ALED display technology, we're able to utilize Reno Studios' professional visual effects capabilities, content, and post-production in a one-stop service that will hopefully elevate the performance of LED virtual production in film & television and allow the production of many high quality and refined projects.”

With an understanding that advanced ALED display technology will continue to expand through partnerships, AUO Chief Technology Officer Wei-Lung Liau added, “AUO is honored that our ability to integrate technology with film and television production has received recognition from Taiwan's foremost visual effects company Reno Studios. In the future, AUO will continue to expand the industry ecosystems and inject new energy into the development of the film production technology.”

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