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Bebob Releases Chargers, Accessories for New Battery Packs

The solutions complement the 14.4-volt Vmicro and Amicro battery packs and will be exhibited at Cine Gear Expo in L.A.

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The solutions complement the Vmicro and Amicro 14.4-volt battery packs and will be exhibited at Cine Gear Expo in L.A.

Bebob has released a full family of chargers and power accessories for the recently introduced Vmicro (V-mount) and Amicro (Gold-mount-compatible) 14.4-volt battery packs. 

The AS2micro charger and VS2micro charger consist of two compact components: the Powerbase, featuring a parallel design of 66mm x 92mm x 45mm that balances a pair of Amicro or Vmicro batteries, and the Bebob S1micro AC Adapter/Quick Charger, measuring 40mm x 138mm x 60mm. Together they provide charging current of 16.8 volts (2.5A per channel or 5.0A total charging current) and weigh18.69 ounces. Charging time varies according to battery. Two 45Wh Micros reach capacity in 90 minutes; two 98Wh Micros max out at two and a half hours; and two 150Wh Micros fully charge in three and a half hours.

For four-channel simultaneous quick charging, Bebob offers the AS4micro and VS4micro. With built-in AC Adapter 80W DC and Powerbase function, the chargers weigh 2.2 pounds. Charge current is 16.8 volts (1.25A per channel or 5.0A total). Recharge time for 45Wh Micros is three hours, five hours for 98Wh Micros and seven hours for 150Wh Micros. The same size as normal two-channel chargers, the Bebob AS4micro and VS4micro can charge twice the number of batteries. This reduces the required space by half, a significant benefit when traveling and shipping equipment. 

Bebob also offers eight-channel Simultaneous Quick Chargers for V-mount and Gold-mount-compatible batteries. The VS8micro and AS8micro provide maximum convenience, especially for transport by airplane. It takes just three hours to fully charge eight 45Wh Micros, five hours for eight 98Wh Micros and seven hours for eight 150Wh Micros.

The S1micro D-Tap Quick Charger is a compact single-battery charger for all kinds of batteries. It weighs 12.8 ounces and charges at 168 volts (5A) via D-Tap. A 45Wh battery reaches capacity in 45 minutes, a 98Wh in 75 minutes and a 150Wh in 105 minutes.

Engineered and handcrafted in Germany, Amicro and Vmicro Quick Chargers feature rugged composite housings and offer a two-year warranty. 

Bebob will showcase the new products in Booth S410A at Cine Gear Expo in Los Angeles.

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