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Blackmagic Design Announces Camera, Workflow for Apple Immersive Video

The Blackmagic Ursa Cine Immersive camera and the complementary DaVinci Resolve update will be released later this year.

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Blackmagic Design has announced an end-to-end workflow for producing Apple Immersive Video for Apple Vision Pro that starts with the new Blackmagic Ursa Cine Immersive camera and includes new capabilities in DaVinci Resolve. The Apple Immersive Video format leverages 8K 3D video with a 180-degree field of view and spatial audio.

The camera and the Resolve update will be released later this year.

The Blackmagic Ursa Cine Immersive features a fixed custom lens system pre-installed on the custom-designed body. The sensor delivers 8160 x 7200 resolution per eye with pixel level synchronization and 16 stops of dynamic range, so users can shoot 90-fps stereoscopic 3D immersive cinema content to a single file. The lens system is designed specifically for the camera’s large-format image sensor, with accurate positional data that’s read and stored at time of capture. This immersive lens data, which is mapped, calibrated and stored per eye, then travels through postproduction in the Blackmagic Raw file.

The camera body is built with a robust magnesium-alloy chassis and lightweight carbon-fiber polycarbonate composite skin. Users get 12G‑SDI out, 10G Ethernet, USB-C, XLR audio and more. The fold-out monitor has a 5" HDR touchscreen on one side and an external color-status LCD on the other. The right side of the camera features a dedicated assist station with a second 5" HDR touchscreen that allows crew to work around the camera without needing external monitors.

An 8-pin Lemo power connector at the back of the camera works with 24- and 12-volt power supplies. The camera comes with a 250-watt power supply and B-mount battery plate. Customers will also receive a top handle, antennas for high-speed Wi-Fi, baseplate, 24-volt power supply and high-voltage B-mount battery plate for quick setup.

The camera features 8TB of network storage, which records directly to the included Blackmagic Media Module and can be synced to Blackmagic Cloud and DaVinci Resolve media bins in real time.

The new Blackmagic Raw Immersive file format is designed to simplify the post workflow and includes support for Blackmagic global-media sync. Blackmagic Raw files store camera metadata, lens data, white balance, digital-slate information and custom LUTs.

Also built into the camera is Cloud Store technology, which enables users to record at the highest resolutions and frame rates for hours and access their files directly over high-speed 10G Ethernet. The camera also supports creating an H.264 proxy file in addition to the camera original media when recording.

Blackmagic Media Dock makes it simpler to start editing and color grading. Users can mount up to three Blackmagic Media Modules for high-speed access to media from multiple Ursa Cine Immersive cameras simultaneously. The four high-speed 10G Ethernet ports allow up to four separate edit workstations to connect directly.

The updated version of DaVinci Resolve will introduce features that create a comprehensive workflow for immersive video on Apple Vision Pro. Blackmagic customers will be able to edit Apple Immersive Video shot on the Ursa Cine Immersive camera. A new immersive video viewer will enable editors to pan, tilt and roll clips for viewing on 2D monitors or on Apple Vision Pro. Transitions rendered by Apple Vision Pro will also be able to be bypassed using FCP XML metadata. Export presets will enable quick output into a package which can be viewed directly on Apple Vision Pro.

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