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Blackmagic Design Introduces 2 Cameras, Updates DaVinci Resolve

The Ursa Cine 12K camera is now available, and the Pixys 6K camera will begin shipping next month.

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Blackmagic Design has introduced the Ursa Cine 12K and Pixys 6K cameras and released an update for DaVinci Resolve.

The Blackmagic Ursa Cine 12K features a large-format RGBW 36x24mm sensor with larger photosites for 16 stops of dynamic range; interchangeable PL, LPL and EF lens mounts; industry-standard Lemo and Fischer connections; 8TB of built-in storage; and high-speed networking for media upload and syncing to Blackmagic Cloud.

The camera body is built with a robust magnesium-alloy chassis and lightweight carbon-fiber polycarbonate composite skin. Standard Lemo and Fischer connectors enable users to control the camera remotely while providing power for lens motors and other accessories. 12G‑SDI out, 10G Ethernet, USB-C and XLR audio are also featured.

The camera’s full sensor area yields a 3:2 open-gate image. Alternatively, users can shoot anamorphic and deliver in a range of aspect ratios with 1.3, 1.5, 1.6, 1.66, 1.8 and 2x de-squeeze factors. Users can also shoot in 4K, 8K or 12K using the entire sensor without cropping. 9K Super 35 4-perf, 3-perf and 2-perf modes facilitate compatibility with classic cinema lenses.

Users can switch among PL, LPL, EF and Hasselblad mounts; each mount has contact pins to read lens metadata for monitoring and for use in post. The camera’s fold-out monitor has a 5" HDR touchscreen on one side and an external color-status LCD on the other. The right side of the camera features a dedicated assist station with a second 5" HDR touchscreen, allowing crew to work around the camera without needing external monitors.

Blackmagic Raw files store camera metadata, lens data, white balance, digital-slate information and custom LUTs to ensure consistency on set and through post. The camera records to the included Blackmagic Media Module 8TB, enabling users to capture more than four hours of Blackmagic Raw in 12K or 20 hours in 4K.

The Ursa Cine 12K lists for $14,995.

The Blackmagic Pyxis 6K offers a cube design, a 36x24mm 6K sensor with 13 stops of dynamic range, and dual CFexpress media recorders.

Featuring multiple mounting points and accessory side plates, the camera body is made of precision CNC-machined aerospace aluminum and can easily be mounted on cranes, gimbals or drones.

The Pyxis 6K is available in three models defined by lens mount: L-Mount, PL or Locking EF. The L-Mount model works with the latest full-frame lenses from Leica, Panasonic and Sigma but can also accommodate lens adapters; the EF model lets customers use photographic lenses from DSLRs or Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Cameras; and the PL model enables users to work with cine lenses from Zeiss, Arri, Cooke and others without an adapter.

The Pyxis 6K will be available in June and will list for $2,995.

Now available for download, DaVinci Resolve 19 adds new AI tools; dozens of feature upgrades such as IntelliTrack AI, Ultra NR noise reduction, ColorSlice six-vector grading and film-look creator FX; and new features in Blackmagic Cloud.

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