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Cartoni Releases UV-C Boxer

The medical-grade device has been proven to disinfect film and video equipment in three minutes.

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The medical-grade device has been proven to disinfect film and video equipment in three minutes.

Cartoni Professional Camera Supports has released the UV-C Boxer, a medical-grade device designed to disinfect film and video equipment. Microchem Laboratory, an FDA-compliant lab, recently confirmed the Boxer can neutralize 99.985 percent of microorganisms, including Covid-19, in three minutes.

“We are thrilled to be able to provide a certified solution to disinfect props, gear and devices as the world and our industry look to get back to work safely,” says Elisabetta Cartoni, the company’s CEO. “Although designed for the production community, we can see how the Boxer could have applications in other industries.”

The Boxer’s sliding, box-shaped container (36.5" x 21.5" x 24") facilitates safe loading and sanitization of multiple pieces of gear at the same time. Weighing 114.64 pounds, the device is equipped with wheels with positive locks and can easily be moved around on flat surfaces.

Because exposure to UV-C rays can be dangerous to humans, the Boxer is designed with a safety-lock system to avoid accidental UV-C irradiation; if the door to the Boxer chamber is not locked, the UV-C lamps will not activate. The Boxer’s UV-C medical-grade lamps are tested to provide 10x the irradiation needed to sanitize the surface of objects, and the reflective walls provide an even distribution of the radiation on the entire surface of the item being disinfected.

At Microchem, the Boxer was tested with 64 plates of antibiotic-resistant bacteria and other microorganisms. Each was placed on different materials such as glass, composite and metal to simulate film and video equipment. Additionally, each microorganism was tested at five different positions within the Boxer’s chamber.

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