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Codex Releases Device Manager 7.0.0 Public Beta

The update delivers a new workflow for the Arri Alexa 35.

ASC Staff

Codex has released Device Manager 7.0.0 Public Beta, which delivers a new workflow for the Arri Alexa 35.

Alexa 35 (RDD-54/55) ArriRaw MXFs are presented as a new volume of HDE MXFs that can be backed up using industry-standard HDE workflow applications such as Silverstack, Hedge, ShotPut Pro and YoYotta.

Current versions of these applications will successfully copy the HDE MXF files to support initial workflow tests, but not all features will work as expected.

Codex and its HDE-workflow partners will continue to make refinements prior to the Device Manager 7.0.0 production release.

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