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DJI Announces Video Receiver, Transmission Standard Combo

Along with the DJI High Bright Monitor Combo, the solutions complete the DJI Transmission System.

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DJI has announced the DJI Video Receiver and DJI Transmission (Standard Combo), a wireless-transmission system that offers cinematographers enhanced capabilities and flexibility.

“The DJI Transmission Standard Combo joins our High-Bright Monitor Combo to complete the DJI Transmission system with the new DJI Video Receiver, which was specially designed to be used with production monitors,” says Paul Pan, senior product line manager at DJI. “Linked to the DJI Pro ecosystem, it delivers a more efficient, coordinated experience.”

The High-Bright Monitor Combo integrates reception, monitoring, recording and control into one solution, while the Standard Combo, which additionally supports metadata transmissions via SDI and the output of fractional frame rates, is suited to production monitors. The Standard Combo also supports one transmitter with multiple receivers, offering seamless video and audio feeds in two transmission modes. In Broadcast Mode, an unlimited number of receivers can simultaneously output real-time feeds.

For advanced control options, the High-Bright Remote Monitor and the Video Receiver can be switched to Control Mode, allowing seamless integration with DJI Master Wheels and other control devices. This enables remote control of Ronin 2, RS 3 Pro and camera focus on up to two receiving ends without affecting other devices connected via Broadcast Mode. Furthermore, the Video Receiver supports voice calls, facilitating real-time, one-on-one communication between the cinematographer and the director.

The Video Receiver now supports camera-metadata transmission via SDI, offering compatibility with cine cameras such as Arri and Red. Detailed shooting information, including file name, timecode, recording trigger, camera settings and lens information, can be transmitted from the receiver to monitors and QTake.

The High-Bright Remote Monitor includes a built-in receiver, providing portability and efficient setup in any setting. Equipped with an image processing chip similar to the one used on the Ronin 4D, this remote monitor offers comprehensive features for receiving, monitoring, control and recording.

With the DJI LiDAR Range Finder (RS) to DJI Transmission Cable Hub, it is now possible to experience an integrated focusing and monitoring system. By connecting the DJI Video Transmitter and the DJI RS Focus Motor (2022) to the LiDAR Range Finder (RS), users can achieve independent lens calibration and autofocus even with a manual lens, eliminating the need for a connection to RS 3 Pro. It is also possible to use Ronin 4D Hand Grips to connect this setup and benefit from LiDAR waveform technology.

The Video Receiver is equipped with ports to support various connectivity options. Its dual 3G-SDI Output Ports support the output of 1080p/60fps video, and its HDMI 1.4 Type-A Output Port enables the output of 1080p/60fps video.

The DJI Transmission (Standard Combo) lists for $2,499 and includes one DJI Video Transmitter, DJI Video Receiver, Installation Toolkit, two WB37 Intelligent Batteries, one WB37 Battery Charging Hub and various cables and battery adapters.

The DJI Video Receiver lists for $1,699.

Users who already own the High-Bright Monitor Combo need to upgrade the Video Transmitter and High-Bright Remote Monitor to firmware version before connecting with the new DJI Video Transmitter and DJI Video Receiver in the Standard Combo.

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