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Elation Unveils KL Fresnel 8 FC

The full-color-spectrum fixture expands Elation’s Key Light series of LED Fresnel luminaires.

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The full-color-spectrum fixture expands Elation’s Key Light series of LED Fresnel luminaires.

Elation Professional is expanding its KL “Key Light” Series of LED Fresnel luminaires with the full-color-spectrum KL Fresnel 8 FC.

Designed for motion pictures, trade shows and any other AV application requiring high-output soft light with precise color reproduction and adjustable color temperature, the KL Fresnel 8 FC offers a wide array of saturated colors, subtle pastels and dynamic white light.

The fixture houses a 500-watt RGBMA LED engine calibrated at 6500 Kelvin and emits a diffused wash of light. It produces over 18,000 field lumens with a motorized zoom range of 10-50° for easy adjustment of beam size. For illumination that is more precise with less light spill, adjustable and removable eight-leaf barn doors allow for customized shaping of the beam. 

The KL Fresnel 8 FC features high CRI (92), TM30 (88) and TLCI (95) values, a variety of customizable effects and silent operation. Optimized for broadcast, it can adjust for light that shifts away from pure white towards green or magenta through a green-magenta shift adjustment and a virtual-gel library. Capable of matching the white balance for camera, users can easily shift the color temperature without the use of plus/minus green gels and filters. Additionally, the LED refresh rate can adjust up to 25 kHz, so there is no flickering when used with high-speed cameras.

DMX controllable with full RDM support, the unit offers intuitive manual control for standalone operation. The display and dedicated Dimming and Control encoders are positioned at the bottom side of the fixture to ensure unobstructed access.

The KL Fresnel 8 FC is portable and rugged enough to withstand rough handling on set. It can be mounted on a stand or suspended using any standard clamp or the included Junior pin adapter. It does not require an external power supply, and it offers locking power pass-through for easy linking of multiple units.

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