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Lightbridge, DoPChoice Grow Snapbridge Line

A 3' Snapbox Slim and Bluff Bounce color bounces are now available.

ASC Staff

Lightbridge and DoPChoice have announced two additions to the Snapbridge line: a 3' Snapbox Slim and Bluff Bounce color bounces.

Optimized for 6" and 10" reflector sizes, the Snapbox Slim features reversible Soft and Dark surfaces. The white side, or Soft Mode, helps create gentle, bounced fill light around a Precision Reflector. On the reverse, the Dark Mode provides negative fill and reduces spill light.

Bluff Bounce color bounces are custom butterfly attachments that mount quickly via hook and loop directly to the Snapbox. The selection includes Unbleached Muslin, Day Blue, and 50/50 Unbleached Muslin and Day Blue.

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