My ASC Master Class: Suelen Romani 

Program participants discuss the impact of attending this intensive five-day program in the art and science of cinematography.

ASC Staff

Program participants discuss the impact of attending this intensive five-day program in the art and science of cinematography.

Suelen Romani at the ASC Clubhouse during her Master Class session, held June 18-22, 2018.

Photos by Nick Mahar

“I’ve always had a big, big passion for movies and have been a big fan of old movies and storytelling. I’ve been following the American Society of Cinematographers because my biggest way of learning is through cinematographers and the way they tell stories. And all of my mentors — through cinema and image storytelling and lighting and the sensibility of the art of the storytelling — come from the ASC. I decided to join the ASC Master Class because I had the feeling that it would be very warm and engaging and about the journey of the art and the process of creating and telling stories and moving people.

“I think the most surprising thing that I’ve learned this week is that a lot of the ASC members are not so different from who I am. Most of them are always still pushing themselves to learn what is new, and a lot of them even shared how lucky they were to get their first job. As humans, they also go through the fear, insecurity, anxiety, and pressure. But because of who they are and their passion, they can create beautiful environments where things can be made. I find that to be very motivating, and I love that.

Romani at the Mole Stages observing a lighting demo.

“I think that my biggest takeaway was being truthful to myself and to the work that I want portrayed and what my values are in terms of being an artist and being a student of life and of storytelling. And also seeking and pursuing people who I can learn from, who are respectful, and who want, really, to make the world a better place. Because this is what I felt here — that I’ve been with people who want to make a difference. And I find that to be quite inspiring.” — Suelen Romani

Romani stands to the right of ASC instructor Shelly Johnson (center in blue shirt) with her assembled June session class.

You’ll find Romani’s personal site here. You can follow her on Instagram here.

Click here for complete course details for the ASC Master Class sessions coming up on September 17–21 and October 22–26. Register now here.

Romani (second from left) was one of five female students to attend this Master Class session. The others were (from left) Sara Garth, Veronica Bouza, Melissa Kirchhoff and Sophie Cuadra. Their other ASC instructors included (from far left) members Bill Bennett, Stephen H. Burum, Ueli SteigerDon McCuaig, Rodney Charters and Curtis Clark.

Romani was presented with her completion certificate at the Clubhouse by Burum and Steiger.

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