New September Issue of AC Spotlights International Production

Cover story documents cinematographer Cao Yu, ASC, CNSC’s work in epic World War II drama The Eight Hundred.

ASC Staff

Cover story documents cinematographer Cao Yu, ASC, CNSC’s work in epic World War II drama The Eight Hundred.

At top, wearing eye protection, the cinematographer lines up a shot for The Eight Hundred.

The September 2021 issue of American Cinematographer offers a feature on drone technology and a special focus on international productions, with coverage of The Eight Hundred, Censor and The Wall of Shadows. Here’s a look at this month’s slate:

• AC spotlights dynamic use of drone technology with ASC member Claudio Miranda, Society associate Mark Bender and other industry pros.

• Cinematographer Cao Yu, ASC, CNSC details his creative vision on the ambitious Chinese war epic The Eight Hundred:

• Cinematographer Annika Summerson and director Prano Bailey-Bond discuss re-creating the look of low-budget 1980s horror movies for the U.K. thriller Censor:

• Cinematographers Piotr Rosołowski and Keith Partridge, along with director Eliza Kubarska, share their experiences shooting the documentary The Wall of Shadows in Nepal:

• The Virtual World: An examination of lighting techniques for LED-wall stages.

• Shot Craft: A discussion of large-format cinematography. 

• Clubhouse News: ASC members enjoy an outdoor gathering at the Society’s Clubhouse.

• Wrap Shot: Linus Sandgren, ASC, FSF and key grip David Appleby on location in Matera, Italy, during production of the 25th James Bond film, No Time to Die.

The digital edition of this issue will be available soon, and print copies are en route to our subscribers worldwide.

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