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Sony Announces Burano Updates

The first firmware update will be released this month, and the next is scheduled for March 2025.

ASC Staff

Sony Electronics has announced two firmware updates for the Burano CineAlta camera.

Burano v1.1 is scheduled for release this month and includes new features for live-event production and the addition of a 1.5x de-squeeze display for anamorphic lenses. It will also add S700 Protocol over Ethernet, enabling remote control of the camera using an RCP. Controllable settings include exposure, white balance and paint.

Burano v1.1 also enables support for Multi Matrix Area Indication, which allows users to adjust targeted colors during Multi Matrix operation, and support for Sony’s Monitor & Control app v2.0.0, which enables features such as Multi-Camera Monitoring function for iPadOS.

Burano v2.0 is scheduled for release in March 2025 and will include a variety of features developed in response to user feedback, including new recording formats, a new 1.8x de-squeeze and monitoring improvements.

The firmware updates can be downloaded directly to the camera using a Mac or PC.

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