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Sony Updates Mocopi, FX6, FX3, FX30

The Mocopi update is available now, and the camera updates will roll out starting in May.

ASC Staff

Sony Electronics has announced an update to its Mocopi motion-capture system, as well as upcoming firmware updates for its FX6, FX3 and FX30 cinema cameras.

The Mocopi update, which is available now, integrates it with SlimeVR to provide an option for VRChat users to connect through PC. SlimeVR is a full-body tracking solution primarily designed for virtual-reality applications running on the SteamVR platform.

The Mocopi update also includes several upgrades, including integration with the Avaturn avatar platform and workflow improvements for content creation. A new Upper-Body Focus Mode allows for additional tracking points on specific limbs; simultaneous motion-data sending and saving is now possible; users can now rename motion files before saving, moving away from the default automatic naming; and motion-library management enables deleting and renaming files in the motion library, as well as a lock function to prevent accidental avatar screen movements.

Sony’s ILME-FX6 V5.0 firmware update is scheduled for May and will include a 1.5x de-squeeze function for anamorphic lenses; integrated 3D LUT processes inspired by the Venice camera, allowing for more accurate color processing; Monitor & Control App v2.0 features; and an expansion of Breathing Compensation to include support for more lenses, including the 100-400 GM and 200-600 G.

The firmware update for the FX3 and FX30 is scheduled for September 2024 and will include the addition of Shutter Angle; the ability to add clip flags to mark shots; and SRT/RTMP/RTMPS support for live streaming via the Creators’ App.

All firmware updates will be available free of charge.

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