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Spirit Lab’s Prime-AI Series Coming in April

The five new lenses will be available exclusively in North and South America at Hot Rod Cameras in Burbank.

ASC Staff

The 5 new lenses will be available exclusively at Hot Rod Cameras in Burbank.

Spirit Lab Optics will release five Prime-AI Series lenses in April: 25mm (T1.6), 35mm (T1.5), 50mm (T1.3), 75mm (T1.5) and 135mm (T2.2). Additional focal lengths are in the works, according to the company.

The lenses measure 4.3" long and have an image circle of 50mm, which will cover the Alexa LF, Sony Venice, Red Monstro and Canon C700FF image sensors.

“These lenses have almost no breathing,” says Ray Chang, founder of Spirit Lab Optics. “They are really something different, offering very high performance in a very small size.”  

The Prime-AI lenses have a seven-blade iris, 90mm front diameter and 300-degree focus rotation.  They come native in PL mount and also have an E-mount option.  

Spirit Lab lenses are available exclusively in North and South America at Hot Rod Cameras in Burbank, Calif.

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