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Manfrotto’s innovation brings a perfect partnership between FAST tripods and 504X fluid video head for independent content creators and professional filmmakers. (Sponsored Post)

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Manfrotto’s innovation brings a perfect partnership between FAST tripods and 504X fluid video head for independent content creators and professional filmmakers.

Redefining the “must-have” kit list for every professional filmmaker and content creator is a challenge. But if equipment comes along that actively improves the process of creating top quality content, both indoors and out on location, then it’s well worth investing in. Advances in modern equipment allows you to make changes to how you think about your set-up, what works best, and how to get the most professional results. With tripods, you’re looking for stability, ease of use, and fast deployment. With fluid heads you need dynamic systems that provide smooth tilt and pan that result in better quality content. Fortunately, that’s a combination that Manfrotto has created specifically for the professional content creator and filmmaker. 

Manfrotto’s development team have taken the basic concept of the simple tripod and improved on a tried and trusted design, while their new fluid head is an upgrade of the existing and much-loved 504HD, but with even better performance. The FAST Tripod series and the 504X fluid video head are a match which is reinventing the way professional content creators and filmmakers do their job. Let’s break it down and look at the two different components first, and then examine just why they go so well together. 

Steady in a beat – the FAST Tripod range 

Any piece of equipment that allows you to focus on the subject without worrying about set-up times has to give the professional filmmaker the edge. Time pressure constrains the professional environment, so the fact that the FAST Tripod range is so quick and easy to set up is a huge advantage, saving time and effort. 

FAST Tripods series falls into two categories: the Single Leg FAST Tripod and the Twin Leg FAST Tripods. The 635 Single Leg FAST Tripod incorporates a synchronised
closure mechanism between the upper and lower locks that makes it super-fast to deploy, and just as quick to break down, so you never miss a shot. 

The bigger, more robust 645 FAST Twin Legs version is ideal for heavier video capture systems including professional cameras. It incorporates sophisticated lever-locking technology that makes these new support systems extremely fast and versatile, without compromising rigidity or performance. 

The 504X Fluid Video Head – the perfect partner for FAST Tripods

The Manfrotto 504X Fluid Video Head is the perfect partner for any FAST Tripod. This innovative fluid video head enhances the already smooth panning ability of the FAST Tripods and takes it to the next level. The 504X is the natural evolution of the highly successful 504HD but is lighter and delivers truly exceptional operating performance.

The new design and fluid drag system makes the 504X a must for any professional filmmaker or content creator especially for the ones 

working in extreme conditions, with a temperature range of -30 to +60°. The flat base makes it versatile, and a 4-Step-Counterbalance system ensures the camera will always be balanced. Put simply, no matter where you are, you’ll get a level, even shot and smooth, effortless movement. 

The 504X scores extra points for the simplicity of the design that enables users to set up in seconds. The sliding plate side-lock attachment simply clicks into position, and combined with Manfrotto’s renowned Anti Rotation technology and Arri pin design, it’s stabilised and ready to use with a click. The continuous fluid drag system ensures judder-free pan and tilt. 

Why team them up?

We can’t think of a combination that’s more suited for each other than the 504X and the FAST Tripod range. Combining strength and lightweight aluminium/carbon fibre construction with innovative technology and those little touches that make them so user-friendly, they’re designed for discerning professionals who want kit that does exactly what they want, when they want. 

Adaptable, responsive, and a pleasure to use, the 504X and the FAST Tripods combination is a professional content creator’s delight, representing premium quality and an investment in your business. They exceed even the most demanding professional’s expectations. 

This post was sponsored by Manfrotto.   

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