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    Swamp Thing 01 Promo 1 A 4 D065 R20 B
    December 2019

    Don’t Panic, It’s Organic: A Swamp Thing Discovery Saga

    The cinematographer details his experience while shooting this fantastical series based on the long-running DC Comics title — combining the Arri Alexa LF with Panavision T Series anamorphics for a distinctive look.

    Dbrown Photo 3 Copy
    July 2019

    Filming With Firearms

    Firearms experts and cinematographers form relationships that go beyond mutual respect. We share many characteristics. We want it good, we want it safe, we want it quick, and we want it within budget.

    Cielo Cordillera Copy Opener
    August 2018

    Cielo: Consider the Stars

    Writer-director Alison McAlpine, director of photography Benjamín Echazarreta, visual-effects cinematographer Mathieu Laverdière and visual-effects supervisor Philippe Toupin discuss the making of this award-winning documentary.

    Kauk Untitled 2
    April 2018

    Digging Deep Into My Vocation

    The cinematographer details her experience on the creative endurance test of shooting a weekly series.

    July 2017

    Drones Lend an Antarctic Advantage

    Bringing a new perspective the docs-adventure series Whale Wars with aerial camera drones also established a new layer of security for the show's majestic stars.

    Jg 1 Of 1 Copy
    June 2017

    God Knows Where I Am: A Soul’s Story

    Cinematographer Gerardo Puglia and directors Todd and Jedd Wider discuss combining film and digital capture while making their stark, haunting documentary.

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