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    July 2021

    Follow the Sun

    Cinematographers working in independent film must learn to make the most of limitations — limited funds, limited time, limited gear and limited crew — in order to realize the director’s vision.

    Shot Craft 1 Leica Summilux C Ff
    June 2021

    Specified Lens Tests

    Looking at more specified testing techniques that examine particular characteristics of a given lens. 

    Shot Craft 1 Zoestills 3
    April 2021

    The Art of the Ad

    “On commercials, I get the chance to cut my teeth on different tools and techniques in a short period of time.” Leading cinematographers discuss their short-form work.

    Shot Craft Ac April 2021 1 Img 0992
    April 2021

    The Generic Lens Test

    Testing of this kind — which is adaptable to many different types of equipment — is part of how you build your mental Rolodex of tools.

    Shot Craft Header
    March 2021

    Analyzing a Script

    Many cinematographers will testify that they try not to visualize the script on the first read. Instead, they will distill the script to the essence or heart of the story.

    Shot Craft 5 Fig05 16
    November 2020

    Light Quality 101

    The primary characteristics of light that a cinematographer must learn to master are intensity, color and quality. Here we’ll take a look at the fundamentals of quality

    Music Videos Featured
    August 2020

    Cinematography for Music Videos

    Three ASC members — Daniel Pearl, Christopher Probst and Joe Labisi — discuss the creative opportunities offered by this unique art form, as well as the difficulties of tight budgets and timelines.

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